Sunday, August 2, 2009

Perak 1 - 1 My Team

Wild cattle squad end TM campaign Super League 2009 this with binding My Team club team with network 1 - 1 in Stadium Perak, Ipoh last night with is witnessed less than 200 people his loyalist.

Perak start action nicely when several their attempt is almost produce chief network through Saufi Sa'aidi missed the boat although just encountering with opposition's goalkeeper in minute 24.

Nazri Kamal 's attempt in minute to 34 also some sidetracked from goalmouth and game conclude at first half with both teams are tied with draw results without any network.

Less than 5 minutes second half started, My Team precedes home team through one beautiful free kick from outside Perak penalty box finished by Mohd Nazrin Nawi.

Pulled with that network Perak team double its crowd and result in minute 67 starting from replacement player cross pass Safwan successful Mahayuddin translated be goal by Saufi Sa'aidi.

After that both teams attack each other however no one attempt ill and referee blowing final whistle after end 2 minutes extra hours given.


Kamarul Effandi (PG)
K. Puvinderan
Benedict Martin
Nor Hazrul
A. Varathan
Zahiruddin - Hafiz Abdul Rahman
Mohd Nazri Kamal (K)
Isma Alif
Arif Fazlie - Khalis Ibrahim
Khairul Izzat (B20) - Safwan Mahayuddin
Saufi Sa’aidi