Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pahang 2 - 1 Perak

Wild cattle squad fall 2 - 1 to Pahang home team in TM rival Super League 2009 is happened last night in Stadium Darul Makmur with is witnessed less than 100 supporters only.

Home team supporter electrified with first goal from Perak in minute 9 through Khairul Izzat and that position remain until final whistle blown in first half.

Half action second half time begins with Pahang team started push great Perak team stronghold and his result in minute 83 equalization goals scored by host through Azamuddin Akil.

Home team winning goal obtained on minute 90 through Mohd Hafiz Kamal before referee blowing final whistle for final decision Pahang overcome Perak with network 2 - 1.


Kamarul Effandi (PG)
K. Puvinderan
Syazwan Roslan
Nor Hazrul
A. Varathan
Sarath Babu
Mohd Nazri Kamal (K) - Arsyah Ayob
Isma Alif
Arif Fazlie
Khairul Izzat (B20) - Safwan Mahayuddin
Saufi Sa’aidi - Hafiz Abdul Rahman