Monday, July 6, 2009

Terengganu 1 - 1 Perak

Perak display sanguinary action when record draw results 1 - 1 when against Terengganu in TM rival Super League 2009 is happened last night in Stadium Ismail Nasiruddin Shah's Sultan.

Perak first front in minute through ill striker, Razali Umar beat 4 opposition defense before beating ball enter for visiting team lead 1 - 0.

Pulled with that network, Terengganu launch attacks to Perak team stronghold however embankment controlled by Megat Emir still can defend with steady line of defence help.

Perak play using formation 4 5 1 by putting Razali Umar as sole striker and Arif Fazlie also act good as defence midfielder which many intercepting ball amid field.

End permanent status first half Perak lead host 1 - 0. Three minutes started second half, Terengganu equalized 1 - 1 through Abdul Manaf Mamat result of the counter attack fast.

After that both teams often exchange attack however not even one attempt can make goal. Final decision, Perak succeeded to record draw results 1 - 1 against Terengganu.


Megat Amir (PG)
K. Puvinderan
Mohd Hafiszuan
Nor Hazrul
Syazwan Roslan
A. Varathan
Mohd Nazri Kamal (K)
Isma Alif - Arsyah Ayob
Safwan Mahayuddin (B20) - Khairul Izzat
Arif Fazlie
Razali Umar